Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merry Marywarmers

I finally went back to this pattern. One of my firsts from years ago and I remember not being able to get it to work. Now I am rockin it so far - not only was I able to get it set up so that I am knitting in the round but also knitting both at the same time ...which helps create a consistent look between the two, hopefully eliminating the dreaded mismatched set! But I was also able to do it from one cake, one mitten will be from the outside of the cake & the other pulling from the center of the cake. This was a bit fidly at first but knitting smoothly now. It's been my car knitting project for drive down south. Check out that breath-taking sunset in the mountains.

Merry Christmas from Natural History Museum

We finally went to get our memberships!

Floor Art Installation

Anthropology's gorgeous beaded yarn rams. Stunning!

Le sigh.

Testing out a pattern - fluffy brioche - with the yarn from the post about Monster Cake Makin. Shame, because I like the pattern but I don't think it works the best to show off this varigation. The search continues......le sigh.

Columbus Circle Christmas

Bulky Raspberry

Fast burn on a hat with some thick & thin variegated yarn. The raspberry stitch was best stitch for this yarn due to the thickness variation it lends itself well to this pattern. I did a tubular cast on for that nice invisible edge I can see the set up with some waste yarn in the pic below.

Me, when I get hangry at work.....

Midnight Muffler

That new yarn I mentioned in previous post care of Tess' Designer Yarn, and what I made with it. I still need to attach the velvet faded upholstery for the frontice piece before it is blizzard ready, but this brioche knitted up nicely other than the join where I am going to have to hide that bump out where the new round started & I got messy. Beauty of creating this piece is I can hide my mistakes in the lining.


Test knitting my new silky yarn I got at Rhinebeck with the new square kollage needles I picked up there as well. They are really comfortable to knit with and I am enjoying them.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Testing out some mohair I picked up in Venice. It's a nice dark green and I have no idea what to make with it but it's not this.