Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pics from Fix


Here I am fixing a mistake no one would have ever noticed or known about other than me.  You can see in the first pick the wrong side has some knit stitches that should have been purled. You can't even really tell on the right side since the mistaken purl stitches fit right in with the garter stitch. However, it bugged me and fixing it took 10 mins tops. I just popped out 2 stitches and laddered down to the mistake. Taking my crochet hook I just pulled up 2 loops then flipped the work and pulled up 2 more using the next ladder. Repeat until you are back to the top, and voila! Good as new.

Pics from LSWG

Last of the Summer Weekend Getaways

What is it about the first nip & crisp to the air that make my fingers itch for some needles and yarn. I am currently on a train & that seems to just make knitting that much more satisfying. I am actually still working on same project I was in the spring. I have been so busy there hasn't been much time for knitting.
I should have brought that extra ball of yarn. Every knitters nightmare - perfect knitting circumstances & no yarn! Horrors. So I am taking the time to post a pic of my progress so far. This is one ball into this cardigan project. The yarn : Linea Pura Cashsilk is super soft and fast to knit up. Case in point I must have subconsciously wanted to knit more as I made a mistake on one of the cables and only realized when I got to end of yarn. So I got to tink 2 1/2 rows, and knit longer. Pulling into Grand Central now, I will post some pics from the weekend.