Sunday, January 18, 2015

Harbor Sunset

To new friends!

This is a shout out to Anne & her gorgeous baby cardigan she so graciously allowed me to photograph.
I am in love with her genius color selection.
2 rows of an olive green then 2 rows of a varigated yarn called "into the woods".


How awesome is it that dinner out after a long day of perusing yarn at VKL, would have a yarn bombed tree right out side the window. Please excuse the horrible pic I will have to get a better one when I come back & knit in front of this cozy fire.

Vogue Knitting Live!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Oh & I taught someone to knit over holidays. Dawn, congrats! I know I only spent like 15 minutes teaching you, but you're a natural!


My first heel! It may not seem like a big deal but I've been knitting for over 4 yrs now & this is my first sock. Unfortunately, I am writing this months after I completed this, so I can officially say I am suffering from SSS (second sock syndrme). Google it. Its a thing. And not to be confused with my own SSS (subway surreptitious shots).  However, this is not a pic of the heel, but of the toe area. These will be for a pair of flats & I tacked down the top flap to make it invisible when wearing the shoes & to add a little cushion to hopefully help keep them in place.

Macys Thanksgiving Parade

We had to go in to work to get this view but it was worth it.

Smooshie in action

Secret Santa

Thanks Kashyap for my SS gift certificate to Lion Brand. More importantly, thanks to Kate for stearing him the right direction & lastly the Lion Brand staff who knew i would want to pick it out myself.

LA Winter Sunset


Thanks for visiting & letting me dress you for the winter apocalypse.
Sorry you got icicles in your beard cuz it was -11. If you had been wearing this at the time......but hey what do I know.

Random Big Bird.