Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dye beet! Dye!

The yarn is from a local vendor at the Union Square Farmers market last Saturday where I also picked up some large beets. I peeled & sliced them last weekend then yesterday I boiled them along with a handful of cherries and currants for about an hour. After I removed the solids and strained the juice I had a gorgeous ruby liquid. I preped the yarn which was 63 grams with a hot water bath including 6 grams of alum & 3 grams of cream of tartar for about an hour. After the yarn was prepped, I added it to the dye and brought back to a simmer for another hour then cut the heat. I let it soak in dye overnight. In the morning i rinsed it with cool water & added a cup of vinegar & a little salt & let soak for half hour before rinsed it til the water ran clear. I have it on the rack drying now. I am quite chuffed. This is the color I was hoping for. Anyone who knows me knows I dont do red but I love pinks and this such an earthy pinky brown. I love it!

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