Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This word gets bounced around alot lately with the new hair fad, but this is more my style.

But I love it so much.

Oh right.

Sage advice from neighborly Soho artist.

A hat for Morag

I helped her finish this hat for her mum. We went off the reservation for the decreases but it was 4 yrs in the making. We added a ponytail hole in the back since her mum has really long hair.

City Lights at Nite

By my catculations

Were right about ....here.
Which is where I will take my nap.
You shall leave me now.

I said 'good day.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Skyfarm Fortress

We went to the Mary Boone art gallery to see this piece yesterday since it was its last day.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Swatch O'Beet

I decided to knit a swatch of the beet yarn I dyed.  At the cast on edge my needles were 4.5s then I jump to 7s and finally to 6s which are a happy medium but could do 4s at the cuffs & collar.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014


This post is not really knitting related but I'm putting it out there anyway, sort of as a PSA. We recently took a trip into Chinatown to visit New Beer, a package store with a mind- boggeling global selection of beverages, the shop was a recommendation from terrior (delicious food and great cider options at this little bar at 12th & 1st in the City) and I admit I bought this cider based on its label. I mean look at his cabeled sweater....I couldn't resist. But as the saying goes dont judge a book by its cover, and in spite of the brilliant marketing, I find I still dont care for spanish ciders (way too harsh on the end note). However, this other one I picked up : Rekorderlig Pear is my new fav. Tastes amazing!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cant beet it.

The satisfaction of a great weekend project. I absolutely love how this color turned out. The perfect strawberry rhubarb watermelon sherber-y color with the tonal variations I wanted. Now all I have to do is find the perfect pattern to display it.

Dye beet! Dye!

The yarn is from a local vendor at the Union Square Farmers market last Saturday where I also picked up some large beets. I peeled & sliced them last weekend then yesterday I boiled them along with a handful of cherries and currants for about an hour. After I removed the solids and strained the juice I had a gorgeous ruby liquid. I preped the yarn which was 63 grams with a hot water bath including 6 grams of alum & 3 grams of cream of tartar for about an hour. After the yarn was prepped, I added it to the dye and brought back to a simmer for another hour then cut the heat. I let it soak in dye overnight. In the morning i rinsed it with cool water & added a cup of vinegar & a little salt & let soak for half hour before rinsed it til the water ran clear. I have it on the rack drying now. I am quite chuffed. This is the color I was hoping for. Anyone who knows me knows I dont do red but I love pinks and this such an earthy pinky brown. I love it!

Freak out.

Remember this first pic? That was before she got tangled in the yarn. Freaked out. Because the string got tanled around her leg after all the thrashing and she dragged the whole project under the bed in her panic. So then it looked like the 2nd pic. A mess. But I love the feeling of accomplishment that I got after I was able to put things to rights.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New flats

New flats call for another attempt at some little sockettes. This is my second try at a sock pattern & I think I just ripped out the last try. So this is a new pattern & so far so good. Lexa loves the yarn so we are off to a promising start & I am using Judy's magic cast on.
Yarn is Cascade Heathers (fingering weight) in green colorway.