Sunday, September 29, 2013


Seamless Smooshie Update

I ripped this back yesterday. For 2 reasons but mainly because I had messed up & could not get the stitches back on the needle, this after trying to get help from the lion brand help hour, an email to the lady who literally wrote the book on brioche knitting, and a desperate call to a woman who offered knitting help by the hour. No one was able to help me. Shout out to PJ, I dont know how you ever managed to save my lavender brioche sweater but I was definitely in need of your particular genius but after a year or so I just decided if I was ever going to wear it I would have to start over from scratch.   Not only that but I realized I would not get the seamless look I wanted if I didnt at least try it with live stitches to try grafting together at the end.  So I bought the knitting brioche book. Unfortunately there is no information about grafting together stitches in brioche. Undeterred, wisely or unwisely is still yet to be determined, I went ahead & did some research & found a couple of sites suggesting the Italian provisional cast on was best for brioche. So I have 41 live stitches that I am hoping to find out how to graft together before I finish knitting all my yarn. Also, in the spirit of learning from past mistakes I have already put in 3 lifelines & ripped out first 2.  Now all I have to do is knit up all my lovely cakes I made with my new ball winder!