Sunday, March 10, 2013

And longer

And done. Woven scarf measured 72" long, & just sewed ends together for Cowl.

Woven scarf

It's getting longer! You can see the set up I used, I decided to go really long & cut all my lengths as close as possible to each other, then tied the strings to a spoke of the wheel. It's petty easy I just keep moving the wheel back when I need to.  The pattern is just a simple over-under pattern, but I like the look with this chunky yarn, leftover from my lavender sweater project, Katia from Nordic.  I will post more pics soon.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1 Thrummed Down

1 to go.
But not in time for our forecasted snow storm tomorrow.  I have many thrums to make before I can start the second one. It definately takes more than you might think.

Grandma Pillow

I Love this pillow! I used to hate it because it's one of those bean bag stuffed pillows so it moves all over on you, sliding out from where you want it, and the bright teal was just a bit off from the other blues in the house. But this project has a back story. I will try to be brief :  I don't ever remember seeing my materal grandmother Sarah knit but apparently she did because I was given her supplies when she passed away. I do however remember seeing my paternal grandmother Lucy (Labordria) with yarn, but I don't recall if it was knitting or crocheting.  She made all us grandchildren afghans before she passed and it was always the same stitch, netting like open boxes.  So I found in Grandma Sarah's stuff a project still on the neddles (and later the pattern from like '52) of the shell top she was making in the feather and fan stitch.  I didn't want to finish making the top, so I decided to make a pillow cover instead and soon after that decision I realized the other side of the cover should be in Grandma Lucy's stitch. So then I had to try & track down her stitch, asking my aunts if they by any chance knew what it was, and they said she had made it up.  Of course she did.  Finally after hours of research I narrowed it down and decided I had gotten as close as I was going to get, and it was crochet.  I finished off the feather and fan my Grandma Sarah had on her needles with the same amount of rows of ribbing she started with, and then bound off.  Once I had the square of netting done, I then crocheted the seams together.  The yarn is Red Heart, but I don't know why my pics are coming out red, but it is a bright pink, and I love the color combo with the teal.
Now I can hug & squeeze them when I miss them.

My water bottle fix

Recently I decided to work through all my FOs & do a little upkeep where necessary. For instance, I fixed this water bottle ribbed neck that was driving me crazy! It was too big and floppy so I crocheted inside around the base to lock the ribbed neck in place. I even love the pinched look the top has now, I think it makes the rib look much more plush and no sliding out of place now.