Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I was complimented on color choices for my Fiestas today, and I am really loving them!
Easy pattern to remember and I found it enjoyable to knit, although I had a bit of trouble with the thumb as you will see later in my next post.  It will need some surgery.
I am already thinking of a cardigan to match!

Here you can see my solution to the grey in the varigated yarn:

South-Bound Brooklyn N Train from 36th to 59th

A friend told me recently she might make the Marywarmers pattern and this was my reply:
If you do, let me know, could we do a KAL?  I stopped because they started to look wrong to me and I am not in a group up here, so no one to ask.
Although coincidentally I met a lady on the train home tonight who taught knit/crochet to grad students.  She complimented me on my 2nd fiesta mitten I started.  I actually came home to see if I could find her on ravelry.  Oh well, I sent an message to somebody, we shall see.