Sunday, June 17, 2012

Now its a party!

I was not ready to join the party at first. I felt the instructions, for the Fiesta Mittens, at first, to be a little over-complex, however, now that I have gotten as far as the thumb gusset, I feel I really gotten the knack of it.
You can tell from the pics that my varigated yarn has the exact grey of my main color for some stretches which I decided were not worth frogging but for the future stretches of grey I have gathered them in knots to be woven in after. This way I get the most of the bright color changes.
I also could only find one US 1, so I did the cuff in a 0 and I am using a 1 on the back of the hand and the 0 in the palm.
So far, I am loving this project!

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