Sunday, June 17, 2012

Now its a party!

I was not ready to join the party at first. I felt the instructions, for the Fiesta Mittens, at first, to be a little over-complex, however, now that I have gotten as far as the thumb gusset, I feel I really gotten the knack of it.
You can tell from the pics that my varigated yarn has the exact grey of my main color for some stretches which I decided were not worth frogging but for the future stretches of grey I have gathered them in knots to be woven in after. This way I get the most of the bright color changes.
I also could only find one US 1, so I did the cuff in a 0 and I am using a 1 on the back of the hand and the 0 in the palm.
So far, I am loving this project!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend start for Week's project

I started these Marywarmers again after abandoning the varigated yarn I got from Schaefer called Anne, I believe, which proved to be too thin & this Jitterbug is probably a smidgen too thick. However, I think I am going to enjoy the finished product more with a little thickness to it for the northern fall.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chevron hat

I have been looking for this pattern! I like how it is coming out so far. I am holding 2 strands, one from outside the cake, and 1 center-pull strand. It twists a bit as you knit but I like the color variation you get. When I used this as 1 strand stockinette, I didn't like the pooling I was seeing. I would recommend a technique of knitting 2 rows & then switch to yarn from center & knit 2. I have even heard switch every row but it would help with the pooling. However, having said that my pattern called for dk, so I had to double up.
Very easy pattern to memorize for knitting on the subway.