Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Seen this past weekend: Daddy rocked the cables.
Miniature knitting
At 30 Rock on my way to work. No idea but they are lovely.
I started my 2nd Endpaper Mitt.  Cuff & 3 repeats of 1st chart. I am curious if I will run out of yarn. Also wishing I had that handy contraption I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.  It would make my subway knitting easier.  I saw someone else knitting this morning besides myself, but I couldn't talk to her as there was someone else in the way and she got off before me, so whoever you were, Happy Knitting!

Baby Totoro

I ran out of yarn and I still have to do the ears so its back to a LYS for more. Purl SoHo is only open til 7 and since that is when I get off work I am going to visit one of Blue Sky Alpaca's Brooklyn vendors to purchase my extra skein.  La Casita in Park Slope sounds fun and festive and I hope to visit before the week is out, as they conveniently stay open til 10 during the week. Review to follow.
Yarn : Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino in Dusk
Gorgeous yarn, slight halo, DK weight, a pleasure to knit.
This is the same yarn I used for My Caramel which I have yet to post pics of becasue it turned out so massive.  I had plans to steek it and make it a cardigan or pullover, with enough knitted fabric leftover to make a cowl, but my friend who works at Calvin Klein insists it is great just the way it is, and swayed me. Now I am no longer certain and I need a tie breaker opinion....

Between the Sheets

I started this project and like so many others it looked much better in my head.
I wanted to do a Herringbone Rug for the floor at the end of the bed but knitting Herringbone on size 17s with this stuff is miserable and life is too short.  So now I am contemplating what I should do with all this sheet yarn. I think, Maybe crochet would be easier, then I realize I dont have a size 35 crochet hook. Ahhh well, it will come to me, but in the meantime, Sheet Rug is hibernating.


My phone's Blogger app doesn't like to post pics anymore. Not helpful.

We are not amused.