Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Slouch

I whipped up this little cap pretty fast.
No pattern, I just CO 160 & then did about 10 rows, and increased 4 over next 10 rows then after about 10 more rows I started typical decreases every other row.  I like how it came out but not as slouchy as I originally pictured. About halfway through I decided on a pattern I like & this cap will end up being the lining. More on that once I start it. I wanted to try a chevron pattern & I found one in my book that I liked, however I didn't get instructions, just picture. Then I tried to find what it was called a "Slip Chevron", and was not able to find it.  All the chevron patterns I looked at seemed to have holes like lace pattern and mine seems to be more solid. If anyone can tell me anything about this picture & the pattern that would be great!

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