Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So I finally decided to use my yarn I got over a year ago in N.O. at Bette Bornside with Jean and to use the pattern I got as a birthday gift last year from Aimee to make my Owls sweater.
I started Sunday morning at the pub with a cider, an excellent start to any project. Although I am realizing I started my increases on wrong marker I have stubbornly continued and hope to move markers later by counting backward. I like to throw a little challenge in my mindless stockinette.
In spite of that or because of it, it is knitting up fast, although I am knitting an hour and a half each day on the subway if I can to make it through the much of the stockinette hopefully without giving myself carpel tunnel.
One question, why are my SSK sts so obvious? Am I doing them wrong? Please let me know if you do.
Otherwise I am in love with this yarn, rather inexpensive but I just love the colorway. Oatmeal with hints of purple with the darker brown tweed. I am holding 2 strands together to get gauge and it is making the fabric satisfyingly squishy.  I have 16 balls roughly 100 yds., & the pattern size 5 calls for 700 yds. So we shall see if I did my math right I should have an extra 2 balls but I plan to add some length to the torso & arm sections. If I have enough maybe a matching Owls Cowl!
I will keep you posted.
The yarn is Cleckheaton Country Naturals, check out Rav for more details.

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