Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christmas Cowl

So here it is, my lastest FO, the Christmas Cowl. These will have to do for now until I can post one of me wearing it. I used the yarn I got at Christmas, hence the name. Thanks again Morag, I love it. Obviously somebody likes it.
And like last post, along with the good, some bad. As I was knitting using the Zephyr Acrylic Knit Pics my mom got me last Christmas, the cable seperated from the screw shaft and I had to pick up about 20 stitches.  I mean I guess I could just glue it back together but I feel like for the price, I shouldn't have to do that with a product just over a year old. It actually wasn't the screw un-threading as I had feared, obsessing over checking the join as I knit. That's why I was so confused at first, as I see all my stitches just hanging out there, I was thinking, but its still threaded!

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