Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So I finally decided to use my yarn I got over a year ago in N.O. at Bette Bornside with Jean and to use the pattern I got as a birthday gift last year from Aimee to make my Owls sweater.
I started Sunday morning at the pub with a cider, an excellent start to any project. Although I am realizing I started my increases on wrong marker I have stubbornly continued and hope to move markers later by counting backward. I like to throw a little challenge in my mindless stockinette.
In spite of that or because of it, it is knitting up fast, although I am knitting an hour and a half each day on the subway if I can to make it through the much of the stockinette hopefully without giving myself carpel tunnel.
One question, why are my SSK sts so obvious? Am I doing them wrong? Please let me know if you do.
Otherwise I am in love with this yarn, rather inexpensive but I just love the colorway. Oatmeal with hints of purple with the darker brown tweed. I am holding 2 strands together to get gauge and it is making the fabric satisfyingly squishy.  I have 16 balls roughly 100 yds., & the pattern size 5 calls for 700 yds. So we shall see if I did my math right I should have an extra 2 balls but I plan to add some length to the torso & arm sections. If I have enough maybe a matching Owls Cowl!
I will keep you posted.
The yarn is Cleckheaton Country Naturals, check out Rav for more details.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christmas Cowl

So here it is, my lastest FO, the Christmas Cowl. These will have to do for now until I can post one of me wearing it. I used the yarn I got at Christmas, hence the name. Thanks again Morag, I love it. Obviously somebody likes it.
And like last post, along with the good, some bad. As I was knitting using the Zephyr Acrylic Knit Pics my mom got me last Christmas, the cable seperated from the screw shaft and I had to pick up about 20 stitches.  I mean I guess I could just glue it back together but I feel like for the price, I shouldn't have to do that with a product just over a year old. It actually wasn't the screw un-threading as I had feared, obsessing over checking the join as I knit. That's why I was so confused at first, as I see all my stitches just hanging out there, I was thinking, but its still threaded!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good news, bad news

I have been here in nyc for about 5 months and I thought it may be time to give my personal review of 3 fiber/yarn stores I have visited so far.
Purl SoHo
Pros:  On my first visit here I found the staff to be helpful in spite of negative remarks I encountered online. I definately liked the style of the store, although it is small, and half the space is devoted to sewing and fabric.
Cons:  On my second visit here with 2 friends, one a newbie knitter, I was embarrassed to explain to her that because I had checked out before 7, their closing time, they would be ball winding my purchase but not hers, the first hank of yarn she had ever purchased. This was lame. Not to mention horrible customer service. Why would you not want to encourage new knitters to support your store, specializing in what is basically an expensive and time-consuming hobby, by accomodating them & making it easier to knit the yarn they buy from you?
Wool & the Gang
Pros:  Online tutorial videos are really good, which is why I had such high hopes for this shop
Cons:  Tiny shop just offering 2 kinds of yarn. According to the girl that worked there, thick & thin. When I asked what weight the thinner yarn was, as it was not marked on the label, she just shrugged and said she didn't know. I guess I could have gotten some of the nice thick yarn but I was put off by the lack of interest their own staff had for the only 2 products in the store.
Pros: Nice delicate fibers and innovative yarns including ones with stainless steel.  I actually liked that the staff stayed in the back room, not hovering, until we rang the bell for service.
Cons:  I purchased some worsted weight & there was some chunky sparkely slubby stuff, but mostly the range of products leaned toward the lace weight side of the spectrum, or as I see it, thread. Also, there could be a little bit of a language barrier, but it wasn't too bad.
As I review this review (ha!) the thoughts that come to mind are
1.  I hope to encounter less Cons/negatives/Bad news, as I visit new stores in the city
2.  Thank goodness for Rhinebeck and Vogue Knitting Live.