Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Knitting Holiday, or Staycation if you will. I did.

So, Vogue LIVE was this weekend and I was super excited. Nerd excited.
It was alot of fun. I saw Vicki Howell. I saw fashion shows. I saw some amazing guy with his intricate double knit, I will post his info tomorrow when I unearth his business card.   I wore my newly finished "1st sweater", the Lavender Sweater from Pickles.no that I modified. I got alot of comments on it. I am pleased with it, especially in this weather, its the perfect insulator, but it sheds. Profusely. I love the sheen on the yarn, pictures don't do it justice.  I hate that Katia discontinued this particular yarn.  Twinkle took up where Nordic left off, if you are interested in something similar.
Before I bought my Marketplace ticket, I decided to see if there were any classes left, and there were, so I went back on Monday for a sweater design class.
I had a good time, an interesting time, and my only complaint is that the event didn't last longer.
I was off on monday for the holiday and I just wish the organizers would have realized the potential for an additional Marketplace day. I definately would have spent more money on yarn I didn't need, but had to have. As it was, Saturday I got a great deal and will post pics soon on the lovely emerald varigated I picked up.


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