Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FO Finally

Seems like its been awhile since I did one of these. So here it is my Habitat. I was at work, working on this and once I finished I didn't have a needle with me to weave in ends, so I had to do a little creative engineering with a paperclip. It worked suprisingly well, I was very pleased with my ingenuity.
I like the size, I did the large. I didn't have much of a problem reading the pattern, it seemed pretty intuitive. However, and this is me being picky, why do the cables, the 2 strand design not go over under over, but its always same strand over? Is there a reason for that? My analness/ocd, whatever you want to call it, looks at the pattern and my eye catches on the fact that the weaving lines don't actually weave, and there is always the same one on top. Does this make sense? Maybe I just need someone to tell me to stop obsessing. But we are knitters, and its easy to pick apart something you spent hours on. Usually I have to tell that picky voice to just shut up because the "function" of the hat is to keep your head warm. And it does that. But I blame my architecture background for that little voice whispering "form".
I think this is the issue I have with shawls, only the other way around.  Before anyone jumps on me, I AGREE with you they are beautiful, intricate, and take an inordinate amount of time to create that gorgeous flimsy lace. But, and as usual with me its a big one, I fail to see the function of these gossamer shawls. They are definately not keeping me warm, and if its not cold they're making me hot, probably falling off and dragging in the mud as well. As far as the thicker ones people wear as a sort of kerchief around the neck, I just think its my aversion to anything "western", and the whole thing about it falling off.  I could just be being difficult, picky, and high maintence but I embrace these derogatory adjectives because after all, it also means I know what I like.

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