Monday, November 14, 2011


I need to start bringing my knitting on the subway.
I don't know if you will recognize this anthropology dress from a posting about a month ago, with a pic from their Union Square store window, raving about it, positive raving on gorgeousness of dress, negative raving on their prices. I grabbed this off Pinterest as someone had titled it "knit". Ok more raving. Brace yourself. Pet peeve. This is not knitted, it is embroidered. People usually do this with crocheted and knitted items. If you don't know the difference just call it pretty and leave it at that.
I grabbed this pic off Pinterest too, and if anyone has any info on it please let me know as I find it difficult to find sources sometimes from Pinterest. Genius detailing. I especially adore when knitted garments allow the stitches to follow the form of the body, or in some way define the shape of the body in a new way.
The last one is an Alexander Wang. Just lovely.
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