Thursday, November 10, 2011


This was the cover of latest FLOR mag. I love it! I want it.
Also, how cute are these guys?! I just want to squeeze em.
So as I am sure it is apparent, I have not been knitting. It kinda sux. Ok it really sux, I feel like I am going through withdraws. Seriously I went to a friends house last night to hang out and I had started teaching her how to knit last month and I saw her scarf we started, just sitting there, and my hands were itching to pick it up and just knit on it some. Not all of it...just a little. But I didn't! I practiced restraint. Also I got called out, but that's beside the point.
Reasons for not knitting :
No time.
I got sick when it did that freak snow about a couple of weeks ago here in nyc. It was glorious. I have never lived somewhere where it snows. And I promptly got really sick. Just starting to feel better.
Still trying to get in a stable job.
Still trying to get apt organized.
I hate moving.
Also, on my huge chunky brioche sweater I am at a stand still because I am going to have to tink quite a lot and I hope and pray to the knitting goddesses that it will be salvagable.
Mostly though if I have any free time lately it has been devoted to organizing house.
I am also starting to work on a miniature knit that I will share once it gets going, using needles I got at Rhinebeck. I have no idea how to size them, I'm guessing they are like size 000.
Also my mother is coming for a visit this weekend, so I may get some time in to knit by next weekend. Fingers crossed. Except when I'm knitting. That would just be too hard.
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