Friday, September 30, 2011

NYC Yarn Crawl

If you don't know what it is, check it out. I am going to try to go but we are moving this weekend and I have a job test to brush up on and I am ultimately saving for Rhinebeck.
Which we got our tickets on the Manhattan bus, I am so stoked, its gonna be such a fun trip, I can't wait.
But thanks for the tip about the yarn crawl from my new Bay Ridge knitting group. I had fun at my new local meetup.
Also another store a new friend I met there told me about is called Habu, a Japanese yarn store, and it looks really cool, so I hope to visit them soon, I saw something about stainless steel yarn which I must investigate.
This is my progress on my lavender sweater. I started this back in April of 2010, so its been hibernating. Mainly because it was miserable to try and knit with Katia Nordic in the south in summer. Ugh.
Anyway its getting big and sort of cumbersome to knit on but its all I have access to after finishing my glittens, until we move in. Although I am glad I basically forced myself to finish it because I am going to try and wear it to Rhinebeck. If its cool enough, its pretty heavy already....its a beast. I got Lexa in the pic for scale. :)
I had the random thought that both the Pickles patterns, this one and puff daddy, were unruly beasts to wrangle but puff turned out to be ultimately really cool, so I have high hopes for this, my first garment.
I am also teaching a friend to knit, her husband is Peruvian and they are going soon, so I said that they had to bring me some luscious yarn back. Yay!
I like the orange circular shawl in the next pic, I like the sheer mohair mixed with stockinette look.
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