Friday, September 30, 2011


So I literally just realized why I couldn't make sense of my Lavender Jacket as it was knitting up. I decided to look at some other projects from that pattern on ravelry and I finally made the connection.
I wasn't the only one who said it was knitting up huge, as it was in cm not inches, I went in and did my conversion to inches when I started this project a year and a half ago, and just started up again trusting my notations without reading again the pattern. It it says to knit the back piece in 37 cm and then the separate parts 60 cm. So I did, what I realized just now is pattern says 60 cm TOTAL.
My bad.
So I will have to frog about 40 cm of work but I am looking on the bright side and I will hold last row of stitches this time instead of binding off to try a 3 needle bind off at the end.
My lesson learned. Hopefully.
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NYC Yarn Crawl

If you don't know what it is, check it out. I am going to try to go but we are moving this weekend and I have a job test to brush up on and I am ultimately saving for Rhinebeck.
Which we got our tickets on the Manhattan bus, I am so stoked, its gonna be such a fun trip, I can't wait.
But thanks for the tip about the yarn crawl from my new Bay Ridge knitting group. I had fun at my new local meetup.
Also another store a new friend I met there told me about is called Habu, a Japanese yarn store, and it looks really cool, so I hope to visit them soon, I saw something about stainless steel yarn which I must investigate.
This is my progress on my lavender sweater. I started this back in April of 2010, so its been hibernating. Mainly because it was miserable to try and knit with Katia Nordic in the south in summer. Ugh.
Anyway its getting big and sort of cumbersome to knit on but its all I have access to after finishing my glittens, until we move in. Although I am glad I basically forced myself to finish it because I am going to try and wear it to Rhinebeck. If its cool enough, its pretty heavy already....its a beast. I got Lexa in the pic for scale. :)
I had the random thought that both the Pickles patterns, this one and puff daddy, were unruly beasts to wrangle but puff turned out to be ultimately really cool, so I have high hopes for this, my first garment.
I am also teaching a friend to knit, her husband is Peruvian and they are going soon, so I said that they had to bring me some luscious yarn back. Yay!
I like the orange circular shawl in the next pic, I like the sheer mohair mixed with stockinette look.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pic Update

I'm tired.... pics are pretty self explanatory.
FYI : anthropology wanted like $228 for purple seed stitch capelet.
PS: isn't dress just gorgeous. Lovely.
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

NY update in pics

I went to Purl.
It was very small, well stocked though, with very friendly staff. The guy let me charge my phone, and a girl helped me choose some needles, and showed me some swatches.
Anybody know what this flower is? It was huge.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chuffed Cowl

That's what I decided to make with my Birthday hank of Zion Opus. Me, Jean and Aimee each got one skein and I can't wait to see what they do with theirs. This was very nice to knit with and the pattern is perfect for subway, roadtrip, or tv knitting.
And a sweater I want to reverse engineer we saw today shopping at BR.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First day in NYC

We went to see the High Line. If you haven't heard about it, look it up. Very cool.
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I was so proud of myself.
Then I totally messed up a row and will have to frog some but only a few rows. I think I have about a quarter of the cake left.
It's pretty wide, I may end up folding in half and then it could be reversible. Or same pattern on both sides. Whatever.
We moved to nyc today. Got pulled aside for 3 different security checkpoints into the city.
Robbie was a lifesaver, and we never could have done it without him.
Thanks Rob.
Here is picture of Renzo (named after a famous architect).
And Lexa's new housemate.
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Islay!

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MS to NY

So I haven't gotten much knitting done lately with all the packing. I will be sad to leave the South, but as my mother said we all knew this day would come. I have always wanted to live in a big city and New York is the biggest one on this side of the pond. Let's see if I still like it in 6 months. Especially since I didn't see real snow until I was in high school on a trip to Colorado. I have been to NYC during new years so I kinda know what I am getting myself into, but it will of course be a culture shock. However I like to look on the bright side and know that I will now be able to wear all my lovely knitted items.
We drove from Hattiesburg this morning at 9:00, we are still on the road now. My leg of driving the 24' diesel monster was from Tuscaloosa to Chattanooga. Road trip with kitty is not as fun as a cross country road trip could be, although we have been doping her with kitty valium.
It is way too shaky to knit on my glittens. Shout out to Suzanne for saving them when they were in such peril. You rock, keep on rollin Derby girl. I was on last glitten when I ran out of yarn and had thumb and three quarters of a finger to go, when she donated her skein as it seems Hobby Lobby stopped carrying it.
So my trip knit project was to take all my scrap pieces, and any anyone has generously donated to me, and joined them all together to knit my scrap scarf. My long term goal is to knit scarves and years from now join them to make a blanket. I finshed joining all my pieces about an hour ago. Now it's dark and I'm bored in the cab. It's quite cozy with the 3 of us and Lexa. I've already learned that's New York apartment speak for fraking small. Little BSG for u fans out there.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

So I guess its official

Well, its been official for about 2 weeks now but I have been so busy, I didn't have time to post anything.
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