Sunday, July 3, 2011


This is what we are affectionately now referring to as Jabba the slut or Jabba for short (we just watched Whip It with Drew so I can't say we weren't influenced).  Anywho, he looks kinda sad and always hungry.  So far he has eaten 2 old terry cloth robes, an old thin king size far, oh and the last little bit of polyfill I had lying around. Then I went and got a huge bag at walmart.  Hahahaha....evil pause, "Feed Me!

Evil grin, he is still hungry!  I ended up buying two more bags of medium polyfill from Michael's.
This is how I ended up doing the cinching method posted on

And here is the crocheted top I did :

Love it.

My next project :

Did this today :

I know its sideways but it was one of my birthday cards.
Peaches, with freckles?


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