Friday, July 8, 2011

Gusto my chunky

Cardi caramel is progressing, stripes are random but even numbered rows of color due to the fact that I have to purl back everytime I wanna change color. It's ok, I just need to find someone that carries blue sky alpaca that has more of this colorway. No luck so far.

So in the midst of knitting what is openly refered to as a blanket in the cardi pattern, I felt like I needed to cast on another project. I really just wanted to knit with this yarn: cleckheaton gusto because it has been calling my name since I got it for bday in fairhope. I thought it was going to be my magnum mittens but now I am just thinking I might find something else for those. So I started a hat. I like it, just have to do decreases, its a 1x1 rib.

 This is Lexa, probably one of her last relaxing naps before we bring home the new cat. I thought it was a kitten but my sister just txted me that they did the spay and she had kittens recently. Pics as soon as we get her home this weekend.
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