Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Leafy Hat

I made this. I needed to make something chunky and I had originally made this :

But I wanted something with a little more character. Super easy pattern, see ravelry link to her blog. It was supposed to be pointy but I ran out of yarn, probably because I just had to do tubular cast on. I don't know if it was necessary for this hat. I think the next time I make it I will use a size smaller for rib and make sure I have enough for pointy top.

Watch that first step. It's a doozy!

Doncha wanna be my neighbour?

And another update from the fetching gloves on their inaugural trip to the frozen tundras.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today is Wednesday.

Love Emma. Love the sweater.

It is similar to a Malachite sweater I have in my favs on ravelry.

Aren't these adorable? So sweet.

Lemon. Exactly.

Nika is literally climbing the walls. She jumped on bookcases twice.

My recent jimmybeanswool purchase. They give you a free pattern on the shipping bag, creative marketing. Brilliant.

Cardi caramel coming along, just miles of stockinette, but good tv knitting, currently watching : Monarch of the Glen.
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Update from Fetching gloves Forever Home :

"The gloves are having a good time!" My fetching gloves, on their awesome trip to our neighbours of the north. Wish I was there!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Citric Dusk

I was able to find the yarn, both the Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend Citric and the Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino Dusk at Jimmy Beans Wool site and they were priced good and shipping wasn't too bad, so I got one of each, hopefully that will be enough to finish it.  Now I am thinking I want to do a crocheted border around the edge in the citric.  I will probably do it, take some pics and I can always rip off if I don't like it.  I am going to try and take some more pics later.  I am very excited that this will probably be my 1st garment, we're not counting the lavender jacket I have not finished yet.  Its way too hot to be knitting on that.  My car thermometer told me 105 the other day.  Even though I cut off all my hair I am still wearing it up.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


This was made for new cat, Nika, but Lexa didn't know that yet.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gusto my chunky

Cardi caramel is progressing, stripes are random but even numbered rows of color due to the fact that I have to purl back everytime I wanna change color. It's ok, I just need to find someone that carries blue sky alpaca that has more of this colorway. No luck so far.

So in the midst of knitting what is openly refered to as a blanket in the cardi pattern, I felt like I needed to cast on another project. I really just wanted to knit with this yarn: cleckheaton gusto because it has been calling my name since I got it for bday in fairhope. I thought it was going to be my magnum mittens but now I am just thinking I might find something else for those. So I started a hat. I like it, just have to do decreases, its a 1x1 rib.

 This is Lexa, probably one of her last relaxing naps before we bring home the new cat. I thought it was a kitten but my sister just txted me that they did the spay and she had kittens recently. Pics as soon as we get her home this weekend.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Close up of the Blue Sky alpaca suri merino in the dusk colorway. I think I may need like 4 more of these.
stripe progress
I wanna go here.
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Sunday, July 3, 2011


This is what we are affectionately now referring to as Jabba the slut or Jabba for short (we just watched Whip It with Drew so I can't say we weren't influenced).  Anywho, he looks kinda sad and always hungry.  So far he has eaten 2 old terry cloth robes, an old thin king size far, oh and the last little bit of polyfill I had lying around. Then I went and got a huge bag at walmart.  Hahahaha....evil pause, "Feed Me!

Evil grin, he is still hungry!  I ended up buying two more bags of medium polyfill from Michael's.
This is how I ended up doing the cinching method posted on

And here is the crocheted top I did :

Love it.

My next project :

Did this today :

I know its sideways but it was one of my birthday cards.
Peaches, with freckles?


Friday, July 1, 2011