Sunday, June 26, 2011


So I kinda got sucked into LOST.  I watched all 6 seasons and I am still so confused about so many things.  I did watch the posted video about some other guys questions. Pretty funny and answered some of my questions.  Ok enough about that.  Here is a pic roll....

Pretty. This is Alpaca SOX.
Our Spinning Day  :

A first for me, and I had fun.  Still trying to figure out if I like it.  A class would be interesting.
Ohhhh which reminds me that.... so exciting....we are goiong to Rhinebeck! Yes. Cant' wait.
These are mine.
One end of my Puff Daddy.
Free pattern from

The end of Knitting in Public Day ended at the local roller derby, another first for me, and definately good times. I esp. appreciate the guy whose job was to explain the rules. 

Yard Sale $5.
My goal today, to refinish this.

Started my glittens a while ago, the day before Knitting in Public and I am about to the thumb on 1st one.
More pics on that later.
So the bad/sad news : for all my talk I missed finishing my gator on its year anniversary. sad. it was the 23rd.
Also sad : I ripped this out.  Some people were saying it was ok but I can tell there is some stubborn twist in this yarn making it knit up less than (I feel) its potential.  I may try to wind this ball again.
This was for Fiesta Mittens and I need to get motivated to start these again.  After all that hard work for the tubular edge too. :)

Ok so I am not convinced.  The general census is that this hat looks ok if wore like this.  I have to admit....I am not altogether liking it and it may get an overhaul before Oct trip.

Robbie's 30th B-day
New Orleans Monopoly Pub Crawl
June 4, 2011

Fetching Teri
These are a bit more lime green in person.
Quite a quick knit.

I had some false starts trying to wing the pattern then I actually followed a pattern and whatdaya know I think they came out great.

One of my fave plates.

My fav tree in whole world.

Old car my brother is fixing up. 
For Cruising the Coast
Am in love with the handle
Function + Design

So I saw this cute book of business card sheets in Tuesday Morning for $4 and I love it.  All my tags in one place.  Except of course for the Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn tag I am unable to find after Spinning Day when we caked it.  My guess is Lexa found some small amuzement for 2 solid minutes before she had it under some obscure piece of furniture never to see the light of day again.  Oh well.
For people who don't understand the above picture, its like baseball cards for knitters.

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