Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gusto drama

So u know how it is when u get ur knitting mind set on something. I saw one of my friends faved a chunky mitten pattern on ravelry and then of course I wanna make em too. So I go thru stash on ravelry to c what I have in that weight. I c the one I want and of course I have 1 measly ball I got in sale basket at the yarn cottage. I then promptly found out it had been discontinued since 2008. Yea. So then I find everyone on rav who has it in their stash and send them requests. To like Australia. That was Thursday, I think, by Fri evening with no response I freaked out and paid $16 for 1 skin of Cleckheaton Gusto 10 in colorway, 2091. As if it is going to go away and moment. I know. Totally irrational, but there it is.
I am meanwhile telling myself they r gonna be so worth it.
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