Thursday, May 19, 2011

Starting Puff

I'm using swivel chair to intermittently untwist yarn strands, its pretty clever actually. A marathon of American Dad! And this is how far I got.......admittedly I had a couple of Magners which slowed me down a little but totally worth it. Plus its garter, almost impossible to eff up. I decided I am liking the accidental color combo. For those of you who don't know I saved up Michael's half off coupons to buy these four skins of Caron one pound so the whole project cost under $30 for 4000 yds. of yarn. But as I was buying one time I accidentally got a darker beige one time but instead of returning it I am running with the idea that it was meant to be. It's actually giving it some nice depth. I decided tonite instead of the duvets the suggest, since I don't have spare ones of those laying around but I do have two old robes that I can use since I got a sweet new robe for my bday.
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