Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I find that humorous.

So I get this request from the creator of the light and lacy spring hat to use Dawn's pic on their pattern page. I love it. Of course I said yes. Probably not great that I titled it Dawn's Damn hat, but I think its funny. Besides she made such a fuss about it. The pattern is actually really easy and I liked the end result so much I will probably make another for myself. Plus that will tick her off too. Bonus.

I made this, this weekend. I could have followed a pattern but you know I figured I'd just wing it. I think it came out ok. I mean I haven't test driven it yet but it seems serviceable. I figured the raspberry stitch would be like little scrubbies. Plus I like that stitch because I can usually pick up and knit if I've put it down pretty easily, meaning no stitch or round markers necessary. If this works as good as I am hoping it does I will probably make a couple more. I love when the craftyness helps me be green.

I used the baby blue pounder of red heart which was the very first yarn I bought myself for my alien bunny amigurumi, when I didn't know any better and I thought I would need that much, and as you can tell it will never end. Ever.

Check this out. It's a cake! And just in time for my birthday. :b

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