Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Spectacular!

So it was my birthday, and it was so great! Even though my bday wasn't until Monday, the festivities started on Friday.  Me, Jean, and Aimee started off with lunch at :
And on my suggestion we all had this :

Fried eggplant with a shrimp, crawfish and crab cream sauce. Delish.
Then it was off to Lacombe for a new yarn shopping experience at :

We had a great time, I think my brain short circuited when we first walked in.....gorgeous colors, variety of weights, I didn't know what to touch first.  Oh and super friendly and helpful staff, and prices right on the skeins, imagine!  Look at this little guy :

Even though we all got what we wanted, we, all three, just had to have a skein of this :

This pic is not doin it justice, the colors are gorgeous, and I am curious to see what we each create with it.
I also got this :

And this :

Which, I believe is my signature color.....so decadent, and I am curious to see what I make with these two as well as I truly had no projects to buy for so I stash gorged on yarn, which usually makes me feel guilty (see previous post with cedar chest full of yarn) but I figured, hey its my bday and Aimee is a great enabler and thanks Jean for subsidizing part of that truly gratifying yarn crawl.  I had such a great time.

Then it was off to the Mockingbird Cafe for some Chai Latte and actual knitting, where we met up with some more knitting friends. Good times.

And this is me hard at work for an Arsenal bottle cozy for Robbie's bday at the end of the month.  I wanted him to see how complicated it looked :

So that was Friday and I will post about Saturday next........

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