Monday, May 30, 2011


These are house colors, a chalkboard we made, and my latest matte nails, love!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011


So I started some gloves for Ms.Teri. Mainly because she won't shut up about em but also cuz she's cool.
I was having some trouble just winging a pattern but I think now it had to do with needle size. So its kinda neat because I started gloves when I started watching lost so now I will know exactly how long they take me to make. Which I have never
been able to figure out before, so that's a plus. I can't post pics till I give them to her for their big trip to Bampf? this summer though, but I am happy with them so far.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ha! lol.

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Starting Puff

I'm using swivel chair to intermittently untwist yarn strands, its pretty clever actually. A marathon of American Dad! And this is how far I got.......admittedly I had a couple of Magners which slowed me down a little but totally worth it. Plus its garter, almost impossible to eff up. I decided I am liking the accidental color combo. For those of you who don't know I saved up Michael's half off coupons to buy these four skins of Caron one pound so the whole project cost under $30 for 4000 yds. of yarn. But as I was buying one time I accidentally got a darker beige one time but instead of returning it I am running with the idea that it was meant to be. It's actually giving it some nice depth. I decided tonite instead of the duvets the suggest, since I don't have spare ones of those laying around but I do have two old robes that I can use since I got a sweet new robe for my bday.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 16th

Ok, just as a side note, when we were driving around on Sunday looking for 16s we ran across this and I couldn't resist.

So even though I had to go to work today it was ok, thanks for all the bday wishes everybody I had a great birthday.  I even got two sets of bouquets delivered at the same time.
And if that didn't make me feel special enough check this out :

Even Ravelry remembered!
Speaking of which, since I finally got off my ass and figured out how to create my wishlist I have Jean and Aimee to thank for the awesome bday patterns.  Jean got me Groove by Jared Flood which I have been stalking for quite some time, now I just have to find the perfect yarn, and Aimee got me Owls sweater which I fell in love with and had already bought the yarn for it back in January.  Thank you guys so much, you're the best!
Last but not least, my custom designed Birthday Card. I love it. 125.


I love birthdays.  But I like presents more!  This was sunday, not my birthday per se but it was my presents so I got to open them early. As a birthday present. Ha! Ok most of them, some I saved for Monday.
I believe this is what is commonly referred to on the webs as a haul.  Yes it was.

The Saturday Before

So, I decided what I wanted to do for my birthday was visit an alpaca farm.  I know it may seem a little strange to you non-knitters, Wait, what am I talking about you're not reading this.
Anywho, they're so cute, check it :
I picked a farm in Fairhope, AL, run by Katy Spears, she was really nice for letting us come and see the farm, and pet the babies!  They were so incredibly soft, even recently sheared your hand just sinks into their backs.   And I learned :  A young alpaca is called a cria "cree-ah".  I want one Daddy!!!Please!!! They will not scare your horses.

She has a blog :

And my fav :

I ended up getting some roving so that I can try my hand at spinning, and the bag wasn't marked with the name so I am not sure it came from this cutie but I am choosing to believe that it did.
She had some other interesting stuff :

But this is what I ended up with :

Luscious, right. I hope I dont screw it up.
So before the alpaca farm we stopped here :

The Yarn Cottage in Fairhope, I had never been so it was definately on my list and we had some time to kill before the farm.  I found some really cool stuff in their half off bin, this :

and the japanese needles which I meant to get two of and then left one on the table so if anybody is going back could you pick up another set for me, at $2 why not.

The purple thingys are some needle stoppers I have been coveting ever since Aimee told me about hers I have been looking and finally ran across some.  She swears by them and I have tried others and not been impressed, I have my round ends for my interchangables but these will be for everything else, can't have too many accessories......
Oh and shout out to Jean for the mini rubber place markers and the buttons for the interchangeable set so I know what needle size I was using after I am done procrastinating on a project and finally come back to it.  Very helpful. So thanks for those.
After the farm we felt like we needed a drink even though it was only around 2, you know you work up a sweat at a barn.  So we went here because - wait for it - they had Magner's.  For those of you that don't know it is the tastiest cider (some say Stongbow, and I'm not arguing I'm just glad we're talking about cider).  And I am sure I have ranted before about how you can't get it here in MS because of stupid laws, so I wanted a bday cider before we went back home.  This place was cool.
Fairhope was really a nice town, we had fun.  Oh and random, when I went to my bank atm (wellsfargo) the atm told me Happy Birthday.  I love technology, especially when it remembers my bday.
And I finished this :
You may think it is a nod to Where's Waldo but it is actually for an Arsenal fan. Football that is, well soccer if you're American and don't know any better.  Happy bday Robbie.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Spectacular!

So it was my birthday, and it was so great! Even though my bday wasn't until Monday, the festivities started on Friday.  Me, Jean, and Aimee started off with lunch at :
And on my suggestion we all had this :

Fried eggplant with a shrimp, crawfish and crab cream sauce. Delish.
Then it was off to Lacombe for a new yarn shopping experience at :

We had a great time, I think my brain short circuited when we first walked in.....gorgeous colors, variety of weights, I didn't know what to touch first.  Oh and super friendly and helpful staff, and prices right on the skeins, imagine!  Look at this little guy :

Even though we all got what we wanted, we, all three, just had to have a skein of this :

This pic is not doin it justice, the colors are gorgeous, and I am curious to see what we each create with it.
I also got this :

And this :

Which, I believe is my signature decadent, and I am curious to see what I make with these two as well as I truly had no projects to buy for so I stash gorged on yarn, which usually makes me feel guilty (see previous post with cedar chest full of yarn) but I figured, hey its my bday and Aimee is a great enabler and thanks Jean for subsidizing part of that truly gratifying yarn crawl.  I had such a great time.

Then it was off to the Mockingbird Cafe for some Chai Latte and actual knitting, where we met up with some more knitting friends. Good times.

And this is me hard at work for an Arsenal bottle cozy for Robbie's bday at the end of the month.  I wanted him to see how complicated it looked :

So that was Friday and I will post about Saturday next........

Friday, May 13, 2011


                                                                 How cool are these guys.

Gearing up for my upcoming trip to an alpaca farm.  I luv him!