Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Update

So I am a little distrustful (is that a word) of my Blogger app and posting from it even though it worked last time because as you can see it deleted all my pics on the posts I used it to post with after I uninstalled it because it wasnt posting, and I reinstalled and it's all " see I work perfectly". whatev. Easier to post from laptop. not that you care. Oh yeah and I had lots of cool pics from internet to share and I feel, hummmm frustrasted is too mild, I'm highly upset that I cannot figure out how to get them off my fancy phone and onto computer to post.  Maybe I will just post those from phone. So hah! I will triumph! (French kiss reference - classic.)
we got a new kettle, yeah! Old one broke after 10 years so we got our money's worth but this Bodum one I stalked on internet and decided I couldn't afford at $75, then on a random yarn search at Tuesday Morning...score, only $25.  I love it even more, and its huge.  YARN, lets get to it.
I made one of these so I could do this :

And I finally finished one of these :

Now just have 6 months or so to finish the other one.....hummm we'll see.

Also, I know I have mentioned this before, I think? Lexa's fur. Yes I collect it. Little to the crazy side of knitting (ok a lot) but I am curious to see how long it takes me to get enough to make some gloves or something.
I also made a pinwheel purse that did not come out as good as it could have if I had knit it on US0 like the pattern called for instead of the smallest needles I have which are US1, so there's that.  On a happier note I finished Orange Hoodie (Devoted) pics to come.  I do love it, it actually turned out really great.

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