Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hoodie love

So here it is as promised in all its knitterly glory. Orange hoodie from hoodie devoted pattern in boutique knits.

Ohhh and Shelley gave me yarn scraps! U rock Shelley, we will miss u til October.

 And Lexa....I imagine she is thinking something along the lines of : Omg, its so unbearably hot and its just going to get worse isn't it? Don't lie. Ok, I'll forgive u if u shave me.
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Update : Apparently according to my sister who works at a vets office, and some site that is like WebMD for animals they say that the fur actually helps regulate their temp.  (actually my sister just insinuated I stop being ridiculous. Same thing.)  So I guess I will not be shaving Lexa, she has no idea how narrowly she dodged that bullet.  Oh well back to religiously brushing her, which apparently is aggravating for both of us.

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