Sunday, April 24, 2011


I will probably frog this later. I just didn't like finished product. Too chunky of a yarn for this idea. Maybe I will try again later with some sock yarn.

Finally done. And she likes it, so that's good. I was tempted to do another round of pattern but I instinctively knew she would say it was too long. So yeah! to the gut feeling and going with it. That doesn't always work.

Anyway I just had to crochet 3 rounds at ribbed end and I actually like the look for this type of lacy skull cap.

I am going to somehow figure out how to type my whole blog in this font.

If only. I would rock at that game. Speaking of games we got a new game for don't know jack. We used to play on computer like 10 years ago, oh how I missed you Cookie Masterson.

How hard could it be to make these. No pattern available. Maybe I could figure it out. Love pears.
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