Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ahhhhhhh sprimmer

That's the season now here in the south, its hot, but not unbearable yet. That starts next month. So anyway we packed all the miscellaneous winter things in space bags, so no more random knitted items laying about. Kinda sad. Oh well

I am so makin one for Lexa. I don't think she hates me enough about collecting her fur.

.....sometimes I feel like this.

look at the size of those dogs, they are amazing. I to cuddle up to one of those. And no shedding! Although maybe thats a bad thing.  I saw something online about people with huskeys who spin their fur.

I love this movie. classic. I am so doing this next time I have to wear one of these. hehhehe

These colors and the intricate design of this crocheted square makes me want to try a granny square. So delicate.

Sometimes this is all I wanna do.

Yes, you are correct. Its makeup with knit design. Revlon at target. You do not know the restraint I had to  practice not to snatch it up as sson as I laid eyes on it. Literally had to check the hands and settle for a pic.
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