Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hoodie love

So here it is as promised in all its knitterly glory. Orange hoodie from hoodie devoted pattern in boutique knits.

Ohhh and Shelley gave me yarn scraps! U rock Shelley, we will miss u til October.

 And Lexa....I imagine she is thinking something along the lines of : Omg, its so unbearably hot and its just going to get worse isn't it? Don't lie. Ok, I'll forgive u if u shave me.
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Update : Apparently according to my sister who works at a vets office, and some site that is like WebMD for animals they say that the fur actually helps regulate their temp.  (actually my sister just insinuated I stop being ridiculous. Same thing.)  So I guess I will not be shaving Lexa, she has no idea how narrowly she dodged that bullet.  Oh well back to religiously brushing her, which apparently is aggravating for both of us.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I will probably frog this later. I just didn't like finished product. Too chunky of a yarn for this idea. Maybe I will try again later with some sock yarn.

Finally done. And she likes it, so that's good. I was tempted to do another round of pattern but I instinctively knew she would say it was too long. So yeah! to the gut feeling and going with it. That doesn't always work.

Anyway I just had to crochet 3 rounds at ribbed end and I actually like the look for this type of lacy skull cap.

I am going to somehow figure out how to type my whole blog in this font.

If only. I would rock at that game. Speaking of games we got a new game for Wii....you don't know jack. We used to play on computer like 10 years ago, oh how I missed you Cookie Masterson.

How hard could it be to make these. No pattern available. Maybe I could figure it out. Love pears.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ahhhhhhh sprimmer

That's the season now here in the south, its hot, but not unbearable yet. That starts next month. So anyway we packed all the miscellaneous winter things in space bags, so no more random knitted items laying about. Kinda sad. Oh well

I am so makin one for Lexa. I don't think she hates me enough about collecting her fur.

.....sometimes I feel like this.

look at the size of those dogs, they are amazing. I would.love to cuddle up to one of those. And no shedding! Although maybe thats a bad thing.  I saw something online about people with huskeys who spin their fur.

I love this movie. classic. I am so doing this next time I have to wear one of these. hehhehe

These colors and the intricate design of this crocheted square makes me want to try a granny square. So delicate.

Sometimes this is all I wanna do.

Yes, you are correct. Its makeup with knit design. Revlon at target. You do not know the restraint I had to  practice not to snatch it up as sson as I laid eyes on it. Literally had to check the hands and settle for a pic.
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Update

So I am a little distrustful (is that a word) of my Blogger app and posting from it even though it worked last time because as you can see it deleted all my pics on the posts I used it to post with after I uninstalled it because it wasnt posting, and I reinstalled and it's all " see I work perfectly". whatev. Easier to post from laptop. not that you care. Oh yeah and I had lots of cool pics from internet to share and I feel, hummmm frustrasted is too mild, I'm highly upset that I cannot figure out how to get them off my fancy phone and onto computer to post.  Maybe I will just post those from phone. So hah! I will triumph! (French kiss reference - classic.)
we got a new kettle, yeah! Old one broke after 10 years so we got our money's worth but this Bodum one I stalked on internet and decided I couldn't afford at $75, then on a random yarn search at Tuesday Morning...score, only $25.  I love it even more, and its huge.  YARN, lets get to it.
I made one of these so I could do this :

And I finally finished one of these :

Now just have 6 months or so to finish the other one.....hummm we'll see.

Also, I know I have mentioned this before, I think? Lexa's fur. Yes I collect it. Little to the crazy side of knitting (ok a lot) but I am curious to see how long it takes me to get enough to make some gloves or something.
I also made a pinwheel purse that did not come out as good as it could have if I had knit it on US0 like the pattern called for instead of the smallest needles I have which are US1, so there's that.  On a happier note I finished Orange Hoodie (Devoted) pics to come.  I do love it, it actually turned out really great.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011