Friday, March 18, 2011

Vaca Back Post #1

So phone stopped letting me post on vacation.  Even when it did let me it was only letting me do 1 pic. Unacceptable. So here's 1st of photo dump of Las Vegas - Pheonix - LA trip Feb/Mar 2011 :
Beginning of Incredible cover for phone which would have been left behind had not Dawn found in rental after we left, so I should not begrudge making her hat which I like pattern just not my color.


Fabric Boutique
Cute fabric store in Las Vegas.  I loved that the day I was there they had any fabric that had even a little orange in it was 20% off.
Mount Charleston

Yeah it was still kinda cold up there. But pretty.

Phoenix, Az
Hole in the Rock
Yup. It definately was what it advertized.
Then we went to Desert Botanical Gardens where I proceeded to take approximately 328 pictures. I dont know why, but it was alot. I'll just share a few.

Its a owl cactus!

Then before it gor too dark we went to Biltmore Hotel, next post....

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