Friday, March 18, 2011

Tubular Trinity

This project was originally just called Trinity Hat, but I frogged it, and tried Eunny Jang tutorial on knitting daily for tubular cast on, frogged it and then did verypinknits tutorial on youtube for tubular cast on, and I love the effect. I had tried Eunny Jang's video tutorial on tubular cast on but I dont know if you can see in the picture it came out slanted knida.

 Maybe its just my perception. whatever. I'm sure it was my doing, but I still found verypinkknits videos easier to follow. As far as knitting in the round most people (Techknitter foremost) says to do straight then join in round. well ok. I did that, and it worked I still will have to go back and seam start but I am very pleased with this new cast on very professional looking and a quality knit look.

Additional info from verypinkknits (I emailed and got a response next day! awesome turnaround.)

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