Monday, March 28, 2011

Tubular Cowl

I feel like I now have a ticking time bomb with the yarn I got on vaca.  Apparently, you can wind a ball of yarn too tight.  So now I feel like Fiesta Mittens are what I need to knit next and go ahead and buy the $6 CAN ( Canadian dollars.....I have no idea. I am assuming it is relative to ours? Should probably look that up.) pattern, but what I want to do next and I even have the pattern already is Flood's Habitat.  I can wait.
My collection of Penguin classics.  Working on the whole set.

This is the progress on Raspberry Hat or Tubular Trinity, but now I have to wait til I see Dawn to get yarn from Incredible case that I left in rental.  And I just ran out of yarn, I think I am going to have to frog the case to finish hat.  Awhh well, the case in this chunky of a yarn was never going to appeal to me.  I will be sure to take a pic though to save for proof that I continued to the bitter end before deciding I would much prefer this case idea in a thinner yarn.

I can haz to help you?

Remember this?
I turned it (very un-orthodox-y I might add) into this :

Ehh.  It works.  Its crochet, obviously, and I feel like now my knitting skills have vastly improved beyond what I knew about crochet.  I should do more.......but knitting gets in the way.

An oldie but a goodie. I keep taking pics of it. I do love it, I just wish I would have used better quality than Red Heart on this.  It was before I knew better.  But I think maybe the quality is part of the charm.  All winter it was my "I don't really care if it gets too dirty" hat, and I fgured it could stand to be softened up a bit in the wash, and again I think one of the cool things is it's stiffness. paradox.

Fun texture.
The next project is what I started this weekend....... shoulda started the mittens but the Twinkle was calling my name, and I couldn't resist.  This, for those of you I mentioned it to, is the yarn I was petting like a small animal in the store.  It is uber-soft and this color is Urchin.  I'm sure I've only mentioned a couple hundred times.  Thats some lions brand I used to start off VeryPinkKnits tutorial for tubular cast-on, I liked it so much with the Tubular Trinity I wanted to see it in a chunkier yarn and I also ended up doing a tubular cast off on this project off youtube by Mt.Mom.

I love the edge.
Ok. Done. So I like it.  I do. I think I folded it in half for this pic.  I just know if I am not able to get more of this to work with, I will probably just end up frogging this just to make it again.  Maybe a 2x2 rib, maybe tighter? But now is perfect to go around twice and keep things really warm. See :

But I like this look too:

And this one :

I had fun with this one.
On to other developing craft horizons.
My sewing set up for now.  Till I have to give it back. I am definately progressing on my skills.

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