Friday, March 18, 2011


So we had fun....
We ziplined down Friedmont street. The old Vegas strip.  It was soooo much fun I was kinda intrepid cuz I dont do "drop-y" rollercoasters.  But it was super fun and you don't get that sensation at all. 

 Now I want to do it on every vacation.

I saw this in Banana Republic outlet.  Tried it on but not a great fit I like my sweaters longer. But I do want to try this technique.
Believe the hype.  We almost missed our flight out but it was worth it.  Even though we waited forever (no we did not order off secret menu) and still had to go back in for fries.  It was truly a tasty burger.  Thanks for that recommendation Billy. Spot on.

The cut oranges I packed for flight then promptly forgot on the table. Ohhhhhhh! Science experiment after 11 days.
I'm thinking this for Heavenly yarn.....Hummmmm, any opinions?

The sewing machine that was waiting for me.  No instructions. Hummm.  I seared online but no manuals for this exact model.  Any suggestions as to a similar model?
I am going to try going to a local store tomorrow to see if they know anything.  Maybe I should call first.

This was the weekend after, last weekend just to confuse you. 
New Orleans with Tony & Pil & Allen:

Dawn's Damn Hat
Hope its not too small......

This is the barcode scanner on my phone. It said, when we scanned the Athenos Greek Yougurt, if you cant read screen :
U-Check Pregnancy Test.
Uhm. No. Funny though.  I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt cuz its cool, but got some bugs.

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