Friday, March 18, 2011


Compatto was also in Santa Monica This was a small but great looking store.  The staff seemed friendly.  I didn't end up getting anything here due to, yarn budgetary issues, ahem., but they had a lot of cotton blends if I am remembering correctly.  And after Dawn's Damn Hat I am swearing off knitting with cottton till somebody can mke one that's not so damn splitty! ok, that was my two cents. I'm done now.
As you can see, lots of inspiration.

Absolutely fell in love with this ont he way out the door.  Anyone know what stitch this could be? Gorgeous.  I would love to try an acid green and lavender maybe.....
And then there was Hollyhock

I tried my hair like this one day. I like it.  Good to know for summer.

Back on the strip.

This was in Droog (sp?) A design store on the strip. $3,500.
How much fun would that be to knit with?

This rope stool reminded me of a graet chunky yarn in a great little cake.

Feels about as comfortable as it looks.

Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn I got at Urban Craft center, I want to use to start my 1st pair of socks. My stated goal of 2011.  Have to do Fiesta Mittens next and here is contrasting Koigu yarn I got at Wildfiber and mistakenly wound 2 in 1.  On reason this project is next, we wound kinda tight so i don't want it to sit that tight for too long so it is my next to cast on.

To be paired with my Claudia Hand Painted Yarn.

Fabric haul, can't wait to learn to use sewing machine I got on loan.

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