Friday, March 18, 2011


That one's for you Jean.
And here is Wildfiber, in Santa Monica, really nice neighborhood.  Gorgeous yarn, we got to ball wind our own which I kinda like, even though we did 2 balls into one and I thought I was being really clever at the time for making travelling easier with 1 ball instaead of 2, and now I realize I needed it in two becasue I am doing Fiesta Mittens and I need to know where the middle is, so I know if I am going to have enough yarn. Ugh.
But back to cool store. Super friendly staff and totally gorgeous selection of Koigu semi solids or varigated solids whatever they are called it was uber yummy selection.  They aklso had a deal at the end of checkout where she asked me if I wanted a bag or a ticket. Huh? Apparently they do a drawing if you are eco concious enough not to need a bag thay enter you in monthly raffle. Sad part : they wouldn't ship to me. Oh well. I just gave it to the nice lady in line behind me. I hope you win it!

I got excited for a minute.
Then I thought about what might be in a "ravelry" truck...?


I love eveything about it. The font. The brick. The blue. The content. Ahh.

And then there was this place in Santa Monica : The Urban Craft Center.  I wish we had one of these here. Very modern fabric, tables for sewing machines, classes, yarn and sofas for knitting.

I wanna go back. I got some really cute fabric here and they said you can order off their website.

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