Monday, March 28, 2011

Tubular Cowl

I feel like I now have a ticking time bomb with the yarn I got on vaca.  Apparently, you can wind a ball of yarn too tight.  So now I feel like Fiesta Mittens are what I need to knit next and go ahead and buy the $6 CAN ( Canadian dollars.....I have no idea. I am assuming it is relative to ours? Should probably look that up.) pattern, but what I want to do next and I even have the pattern already is Flood's Habitat.  I can wait.
My collection of Penguin classics.  Working on the whole set.

This is the progress on Raspberry Hat or Tubular Trinity, but now I have to wait til I see Dawn to get yarn from Incredible case that I left in rental.  And I just ran out of yarn, I think I am going to have to frog the case to finish hat.  Awhh well, the case in this chunky of a yarn was never going to appeal to me.  I will be sure to take a pic though to save for proof that I continued to the bitter end before deciding I would much prefer this case idea in a thinner yarn.

I can haz to help you?

Remember this?
I turned it (very un-orthodox-y I might add) into this :

Ehh.  It works.  Its crochet, obviously, and I feel like now my knitting skills have vastly improved beyond what I knew about crochet.  I should do more.......but knitting gets in the way.

An oldie but a goodie. I keep taking pics of it. I do love it, I just wish I would have used better quality than Red Heart on this.  It was before I knew better.  But I think maybe the quality is part of the charm.  All winter it was my "I don't really care if it gets too dirty" hat, and I fgured it could stand to be softened up a bit in the wash, and again I think one of the cool things is it's stiffness. paradox.

Fun texture.
The next project is what I started this weekend....... shoulda started the mittens but the Twinkle was calling my name, and I couldn't resist.  This, for those of you I mentioned it to, is the yarn I was petting like a small animal in the store.  It is uber-soft and this color is Urchin.  I'm sure I've only mentioned a couple hundred times.  Thats some lions brand I used to start off VeryPinkKnits tutorial for tubular cast-on, I liked it so much with the Tubular Trinity I wanted to see it in a chunkier yarn and I also ended up doing a tubular cast off on this project off youtube by Mt.Mom.

I love the edge.
Ok. Done. So I like it.  I do. I think I folded it in half for this pic.  I just know if I am not able to get more of this to work with, I will probably just end up frogging this just to make it again.  Maybe a 2x2 rib, maybe tighter? But now is perfect to go around twice and keep things really warm. See :

But I like this look too:

And this one :

I had fun with this one.
On to other developing craft horizons.
My sewing set up for now.  Till I have to give it back. I am definately progressing on my skills.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mmmmm Breakfast on a day you dont have to work

This is how I am dealing with my return to reality off vacation mode :

Help Japan t. 100% of profits go to Salvation Army. Great Design Great cause You cant miss.
Speaking of t's cant remember if I mentioned I got my alpaca crossstitch t. Love it!

That's what I did when I saw this. Crafty Cleverness.

Just cuz it made me laugh.

What I'm blogging on right now...
I wish.

I am going to try recreating this cutie. I will have to research where I got it and update this but he's so calling my name. Necklace is also quite beautiful, and I do chunky jewelry sparingly.


You will not leave me liek that again. Ever!


So we had fun....
We ziplined down Friedmont street. The old Vegas strip.  It was soooo much fun I was kinda intrepid cuz I dont do "drop-y" rollercoasters.  But it was super fun and you don't get that sensation at all. 

 Now I want to do it on every vacation.

I saw this in Banana Republic outlet.  Tried it on but not a great fit I like my sweaters longer. But I do want to try this technique.
Believe the hype.  We almost missed our flight out but it was worth it.  Even though we waited forever (no we did not order off secret menu) and still had to go back in for fries.  It was truly a tasty burger.  Thanks for that recommendation Billy. Spot on.

The cut oranges I packed for flight then promptly forgot on the table. Ohhhhhhh! Science experiment after 11 days.
I'm thinking this for Heavenly yarn.....Hummmmm, any opinions?

The sewing machine that was waiting for me.  No instructions. Hummm.  I seared online but no manuals for this exact model.  Any suggestions as to a similar model?
I am going to try going to a local store tomorrow to see if they know anything.  Maybe I should call first.

This was the weekend after, last weekend just to confuse you. 
New Orleans with Tony & Pil & Allen:

Dawn's Damn Hat
Hope its not too small......

This is the barcode scanner on my phone. It said, when we scanned the Athenos Greek Yougurt, if you cant read screen :
U-Check Pregnancy Test.
Uhm. No. Funny though.  I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt cuz its cool, but got some bugs.


Compatto was also in Santa Monica This was a small but great looking store.  The staff seemed friendly.  I didn't end up getting anything here due to, yarn budgetary issues, ahem., but they had a lot of cotton blends if I am remembering correctly.  And after Dawn's Damn Hat I am swearing off knitting with cottton till somebody can mke one that's not so damn splitty! ok, that was my two cents. I'm done now.
As you can see, lots of inspiration.

Absolutely fell in love with this ont he way out the door.  Anyone know what stitch this could be? Gorgeous.  I would love to try an acid green and lavender maybe.....
And then there was Hollyhock

I tried my hair like this one day. I like it.  Good to know for summer.

Back on the strip.

This was in Droog (sp?) A design store on the strip. $3,500.
How much fun would that be to knit with?

This rope stool reminded me of a graet chunky yarn in a great little cake.

Feels about as comfortable as it looks.

Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn I got at Urban Craft center, I want to use to start my 1st pair of socks. My stated goal of 2011.  Have to do Fiesta Mittens next and here is contrasting Koigu yarn I got at Wildfiber and mistakenly wound 2 in 1.  On reason this project is next, we wound kinda tight so i don't want it to sit that tight for too long so it is my next to cast on.

To be paired with my Claudia Hand Painted Yarn.

Fabric haul, can't wait to learn to use sewing machine I got on loan.


That one's for you Jean.
And here is Wildfiber, in Santa Monica, really nice neighborhood.  Gorgeous yarn, we got to ball wind our own which I kinda like, even though we did 2 balls into one and I thought I was being really clever at the time for making travelling easier with 1 ball instaead of 2, and now I realize I needed it in two becasue I am doing Fiesta Mittens and I need to know where the middle is, so I know if I am going to have enough yarn. Ugh.
But back to cool store. Super friendly staff and totally gorgeous selection of Koigu semi solids or varigated solids whatever they are called it was uber yummy selection.  They aklso had a deal at the end of checkout where she asked me if I wanted a bag or a ticket. Huh? Apparently they do a drawing if you are eco concious enough not to need a bag thay enter you in monthly raffle. Sad part : they wouldn't ship to me. Oh well. I just gave it to the nice lady in line behind me. I hope you win it!

I got excited for a minute.
Then I thought about what might be in a "ravelry" truck...?


I love eveything about it. The font. The brick. The blue. The content. Ahh.

And then there was this place in Santa Monica : The Urban Craft Center.  I wish we had one of these here. Very modern fabric, tables for sewing machines, classes, yarn and sofas for knitting.

I wanna go back. I got some really cute fabric here and they said you can order off their website.