Sunday, February 20, 2011

Phun with my Phone

Until I figure out more on pictures this all at the front of the post will have to work for now.
Black matte nail polish. Kinda looked like chalkboard. I liked the effect but was hard for me to achieve a neat aplication with black.
The next is some end of mill cotton that was generously given to me by K8T. If u read this. U rock. I have no clue yet what it wants to be but I know it is going to be something interesting.
Next is some dark purple malabrigo from Seattle my mom got me that I am going to try making trinity cover for phone & trinity hat on upcoming Vegas trip. And Dawn's hat which I finally got her to pick out pattern, more on that later.
Then we have a really cool looking spinning wheel. The ladybug spinning wheel makes me want to learn how to spin, even though I have never felt the need to scratch that itch. Maybe I'm just terrified I'll love it and have a more expensive hobby than knitting.:)
The last two r pics of some art yarn I am looking for out in Vegas.
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