Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Orange you glad

I'll be honest.  I used to dislike this color.  But I am having this obsession for the last 5 or so years with orange.  Not necessarily the reddish orange of the most famous LeCreuset "Flame" line, but the subtler color of their more rare items you find once a year on ebay and always get outbid on.  Yea, I like that orange. Here are some examples :
My breakfast, even though it isn't orange.  It's greek yougurt with oil and honey, blueberries and granola.
For those of you who read this blog - this is another example of carrots and sunset :)

My Lexa even though she isn't orange either.
And the main reason for my post today, I feel like I have made real progress with my Orange hoodie.  This is 2 skeins of Malabrigo worsted, 420 yds. roughly. So I feel like I am half way.

I worked all day Sunday and Monday, the pattern is easy and I'm not hating the bobbles like I thought I might.

Also having a cuppa this while I knit helps. 

Although it is orange and you can still find some places that have it in stock online, TAZO has discontinued the best product they will ever make, imho.  That is why I have basically been stockpiling it since I heard last summer.  Now every time I want a cup of tea, I have to ask myself, is the situation totally "Sponge worthy"?  (Another Seinfeld reference for those of you who dont know, if you haven't seen that episode, its hilarious.)
Another shot:

Oh.... and I want this :

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