Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beer & yarn

Well in my case cider since I don't drink beer.
Or even more specifically Hornsby's and Woodchuck since Mississippi is the last effin state to change beer law for bevs over 5%. Until they change that they are deciding to lose profits from sales that go to the states of la and al. Anyway. It was super fun time and they had a good variety of beer for all. I just hope to see it expand in future with truly amazing beverages that are out there.
Yarn is Malabrigo from Seattle mom got me on her trip. I am attempting a case for my phone to be followed by a trinity hat. Hopefully I will have enough for both.
In other news Dawn finally sat with me while I went on ravelry so we could pick out a pattern for her hat. More on that later.
Then theres Lexa. Still playing with phone camera. Quite good actually.
I haven't seen Tangled yet but am already super psyked about this still from the movie.
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