Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

We are staying at Stratosphere. So cool. Our window looks out on the needle and we can see jumpers, then we look on tv and there is a live feed channel showing them land. I will try to upload a video I took. ***sorry didn't work***
First up is a great advertising slogan we saw at the Bonanza.
Then the Chihuly ceiling in Bellagio.
Apparently its the year of the rabbit.
Cosmopolitan - Amazing hotel of gorgeous chandeliers everywhere.
Love this collection of drawers.
High end shops I will be window shopping at later.
And Bumblebee.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Midnight in Vegas

So we flew into los Angeles which made a layover my first time in California. It's now 2:00am our time. My day started at six. Running on fumes while Islay gets rental car. Thought I would share some pics.
The first is Lexa being a dictator. I have no idea what she got into but I think the pose is appropriate.
The Indian rice bags are classic design but I would prefer these as wall hangings. Burlap not so great to snuggle up to while watching a movie.
The bunny is here at Vegas airport.
And lastly some airplane knitting. I know pic is to dark but I am physically not able to deal with that right now.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chai Ciao!

I drank my first cup of chai latter today. The cafe girl gave me a sample & similar to crack and just as expensive ( I'm guessing) : I am hooked.
So good, It's like drinking Fall.
I love the idea of the laser cut shirt and it would be fun to design. Maybe I will put on my list of things to try. Or maybe just knit a lace-y top.
The next pic is a gorgeous pale Orange top. Love the color, the detail, the delicate design of this top. This blue one too would be nice to try to recreate.
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Beer & yarn

Well in my case cider since I don't drink beer.
Or even more specifically Hornsby's and Woodchuck since Mississippi is the last effin state to change beer law for bevs over 5%. Until they change that they are deciding to lose profits from sales that go to the states of la and al. Anyway. It was super fun time and they had a good variety of beer for all. I just hope to see it expand in future with truly amazing beverages that are out there.
Yarn is Malabrigo from Seattle mom got me on her trip. I am attempting a case for my phone to be followed by a trinity hat. Hopefully I will have enough for both.
In other news Dawn finally sat with me while I went on ravelry so we could pick out a pattern for her hat. More on that later.
Then theres Lexa. Still playing with phone camera. Quite good actually.
I haven't seen Tangled yet but am already super psyked about this still from the movie.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Phun with my Phone

Until I figure out more on pictures this all at the front of the post will have to work for now.
Black matte nail polish. Kinda looked like chalkboard. I liked the effect but was hard for me to achieve a neat aplication with black.
The next is some end of mill cotton that was generously given to me by K8T. If u read this. U rock. I have no clue yet what it wants to be but I know it is going to be something interesting.
Next is some dark purple malabrigo from Seattle my mom got me that I am going to try making trinity cover for phone & trinity hat on upcoming Vegas trip. And Dawn's hat which I finally got her to pick out pattern, more on that later.
Then we have a really cool looking spinning wheel. The ladybug spinning wheel makes me want to learn how to spin, even though I have never felt the need to scratch that itch. Maybe I'm just terrified I'll love it and have a more expensive hobby than knitting.:)
The last two r pics of some art yarn I am looking for out in Vegas.
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Magic Phone : Take 2

Ok so previous post was using web browser on new Droid & this one will b with the Blogger app. I wanted to share some pics I took over the weekend.
The first is an old favorite tee shirt.
A sea urchin
Gren's bday cake we decorated
My silver matte nail polish. Luv.
Islay's beer bread for beer fest w-end
Gren modeling Orange Hoodie before its lined.
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Magic Phone : Take 2

Post deleted
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Magic Phone!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Orange you glad

I'll be honest.  I used to dislike this color.  But I am having this obsession for the last 5 or so years with orange.  Not necessarily the reddish orange of the most famous LeCreuset "Flame" line, but the subtler color of their more rare items you find once a year on ebay and always get outbid on.  Yea, I like that orange. Here are some examples :
My breakfast, even though it isn't orange.  It's greek yougurt with oil and honey, blueberries and granola.
For those of you who read this blog - this is another example of carrots and sunset :)

My Lexa even though she isn't orange either.
And the main reason for my post today, I feel like I have made real progress with my Orange hoodie.  This is 2 skeins of Malabrigo worsted, 420 yds. roughly. So I feel like I am half way.

I worked all day Sunday and Monday, the pattern is easy and I'm not hating the bobbles like I thought I might.

Also having a cuppa this while I knit helps. 

Although it is orange and you can still find some places that have it in stock online, TAZO has discontinued the best product they will ever make, imho.  That is why I have basically been stockpiling it since I heard last summer.  Now every time I want a cup of tea, I have to ask myself, is the situation totally "Sponge worthy"?  (Another Seinfeld reference for those of you who dont know, if you haven't seen that episode, its hilarious.)
Another shot:

Oh.... and I want this :