Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yarn Crawl

So I thought I would post some pics of me and Jean on our New Orleans Yarn Crawl.

The first was the Garden District Needlework Shop.  I had been here before when I creweled looking for crewel yarn (which they have) but I hadnt been since I learned to knit.  Which has not been that long, PJ taught me on November 4, 2009, but I am only 1 among many of her accolytes. We miss you PJ!
Anyway, this store is great, Jean loved that they had a whole room of sale yarn and pattern books for sale.  I didn't get any but their selection of Koigu is amazing, I love their color combinations.  Basically they had a wide selection.  I saw affordable yarns and some crazy expensive stuff that is just fun to look at and touch.
Like the fur yarn. I have to say that I am not a fan.  It kinda looks like roadkill knit up.  I am sure the rep and LYS would kill me for saying that since it is like $45/skein, but nobody reads this anyway so I can write what I want.
Here I am with my Manos Silk Blend Citric (the name is so appropriate) now I just have to figure out what I want to do with it.  A cowl I think.  Big surprise, right?
We had fun.
Ok now on to the next store :
The Quarter Stitch

They are primarily a needlework shop but they carry alot of nice yarns, including my fav : Collinette Jitterbug.  Also some Koigu, but mostly in the lavender and blue color ways I believe.  I love that their store is so whimsical. 

 I had to get my Malabrigo, which if you are reading this maybe you read my previous rant about how that went.  BTW, I had to go back and exchange to get the right color and they were very accomodating since I couldn't find my reciept.  Thank goodness Jean told me not to ball wind it till I had gotten home to see if it matched.  Their one quirk at the store is not keeping the labels on the Malabrigo apparently the owner thinks the yarns look pretty if they are in their cute basket without the tag.  Well, ok, but cant you keep them and give it to me when I purchase the yarn?  This only makes sense as alot of info is on that tag for us knitters as well as the person we give our finished gift to, such as washing instructions.  Just a suggestion.  But a really good one. Seriously.  They really do the cutest bagging job ever! Check it :

Just another suggestion though, handles on the bag would have made it so much easier.  I'm just sayin.
Ok, I was gonna let Jean post her pics on her blog, but I couldn't resist, I love it!

So then we went to the Grocery Store and had the most amazing muffalettas in this place time forgot in Italy.  It was like being back at my grandmother's house.  The smells and the just general Italian-ness of it all.  However, they are so Soup-Nazi here, Seinfeld reference for those that don't know.  I really never did see a menu and I went up to counter and just said the first thing I could think of : "Uhm, muffaletta? Half?" I felt like I was holding up a non-existant line the whole time.
Then we had to have beignets so we went to :
Yum! A must, but not on Saturday.  Wednesday was great, no line, we even got inside! Islay goes : "I didn't even know there was an inside."

Ok and on to our third store :

Bette Bornside Yarns. I don't know if the lady that runs it is Bette, but that what I call her in my head.
I love that pic, Jean took most of these but I got that one!
I adore this store, the lady that runs it is super nice and an extremely knowledgable knitter.  I wish I lived closer I would pester her incesantly.  I have heard that some people dont like it because she only has her samples out in the front room and you tell her what color and how many and she goes into the back and gets it.  I don't see the problem with it, it doesn't bother me.  I got the rest of the Cleckheaton Heather yarn I needed to make my OWLS sweater.  Of course I am going to have to hold two together but I knew that going into this project.  She also said she would hold a couple of skeins for me for 6 months in case I needed more.  No other yarn store I have been to has offered this before so I was impressed and intimidated.  That means I have to knit this in 6 months, which sounds like a long time, but I have yet to make a single garment.  Hell I havent even done socks yet!!  I am hoping that will change this year but we shall see. Oh and I finally gave into the desire I had when I first visited her shop back in May, I asked about the Twinkle chunky in Urchin and she didn't have that color.  This time she did.  So I practised restraint and only got 1 skein even though I wanted all 3.  Jean was laughing at me because I literally was petting this hank like a little baby animal.  So soft.

So that was our fun day in New Orleans.  Oh, and I saw this and had to get a pic, I want a vintage one so much, I think it is the Italian genes calling out.

But really I just wanna look like this :

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