Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things are looking Bleak....and low.

 So I started Bleaklow as a KAL.  I wanted it to be the first thing I knit with my new KnitPicks Zephyr needles.  Of course I decided that I would do it "by the book" so I promptly started my gauge swatches.
The first I knit with US8 like the pattern called for :
It is supposed to be 10cm, so I did another one with US 7:

Crap.  So I did another with US 6 :

Finally! But...

Ugh!! Only 9 cm across now. F%&$#@!! So I decided to go back up to US7 and to throw another monkey wrench into the works I decided to knit it in the round.  This should make working the cable extra interesting since the pattern is written for flat knitting and I have never converted anything from one to the other before.  Also, the model in the picture is like super model skinny so I decided to add some stitches to my vest on the sides, especially after reading somewhere that knitting in the round will be tighter than gauge swatches knit flat.  Only to have lady at LYS tell me people usually knit things too big when I told her what I did.  Oh hell, whatever, if I manage to make it, I'll wear it. If only for one picture to laugh at before I frog the whole thing to make an expensive throw for my couch. Here it is now :
Innocent and glimmering with the possibility that it might turn out all right but I know better.

On to more up-beat things like...

Happy Bride Sake! Saving it for a rainy day, but can't wait.  We used to get it at Roy's and then they stopped carrying it.  My affectionate moniker for this is "sweet nectar of the gods" It is so amazingly delicioso.
Wednesday, me and Jean went to New Orleans on a yarn crawl, pictures to follow, but here is some of what I got spun into cakes at Knit Nite with Jean's new swift.

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