Sunday, January 30, 2011

My beliefs

Even thought this is primarily a knit blog, I thought maybe it was time I shared more about my beliefs.  Even though in polite society I was brought up (rightly) by never discussing in public, religion or politics, I am amazed at the people who disregard this little nugget of wisdom.
I am doing it here because I get to.  It's my blog and I get to say whatever I want.  Its very liberating actually.  But mainly just because I found some quotes that sum up my beliefs pretty well......
For this one I just mentally delete the word "children's".
Next, I would never put a bumber sticker on my beloved car. Ever. But if I had a crappier car I just might make an exception for this one :

And because it is so true I WILL have this tee one day. If for nothing else than to remind me that I should not let all the miserable people out there grind me down. 
Same sentiment, awesome artwork :
And finally how I deal with haters, religious zealots and political gasbags:
I renew my subscription whenever necessary.

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