Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scoodie Unveiling

I love quiet winter days.....
Kitty cat under the electric blanket, so sweet,

Yet the following picture seemed to catch her true inner ire at being disturbed during mid-morning nap time. Not to be confused with early morning, post wet food breakfast, or midday, midafternoon, evening nap time.

                                                   Blazing eyes of fire-y annoyance.
Been doing some spring cleaning.
This is what happens when you have long hair.

Even though we paid for the top notch vacuum on the market, Dyson still hasn't figured out how to tackle this.  I dont know though, we bought this one back when they first came out, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt, and hope that they have done their homework.
I have also been doing some cooking/baking which I tend to want to do in the winter.  Mostly just make cucidati (Koo-chi-da-ti), which are Italian fig cookies my Sicilian grandmother used to make, unfortunately I never got her recipe.  The ones I made last year were ugly but oh-so-tasty. The filling is supposed to be figs only but last year I couldn't find enough and added in dried cherries and strawberries.  This year I am doing dried apricots and prunes with the figs, and some cherries too.  Basically all the dried fruit in the house. I am quite liberal with the bourbon & whiskey.  This has been marinating in my fridge since last Thursday.
We are gonna make them tonight.  Hopefully they will be prettier than last years but just as yummy.
Now on to the yarn.
This is a project I am trying to work out for a hat for my brother. I am calling it Hatch Hat and am still working out the pattern which I searched relentlessly for and asked around for any information.  It started as all obsessions : I saw some guy with a hat on and foolishly did not go up to him and embarrass myself and him by asking to take a picture of his hat.  My bad.
So of course after all this I find some random scribbling of mine that is different from the pattern I have been trying (see below) so I am going to try that one soon to see what the difference is between them.  BTW it is called Hatch Hat because, for anybody familiar with AutoCAD, it looks just like the earth hatch in the materials library.

I am not really happy with how this is knitting up, this is actually a pic of holding yarn double on my swatch, for the actual project I am just doing one strand and in the round.  But   still   not    liking     it.  ugh.
Finally got the correct yarn to complete Hoodie Devoted :

Now I just need to again be devoted to this project and get it done.  But I will say this for the pattern so far, what you seen in my pic is a doubled over fabric and if they would have had a plain row of knitting for the first couple of rows it would have been so much easier to join instead of that first row being a cabled row, just sayin, that was not fun knitting for me. 
My Scoodie :

Apparently the walk in the park was too much for its inaugural debut :

WTF? Now I have to figure out how to fix that ?!? Ahh, the joys of knitting, although that is crochet, so there.
Now back to figurative warm fuzzies.
My current obsession : nail polish.  This is what I have on now :

But I am real excited about upcoming colors :

Especially since I got this :

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